The Labels

 June 2001 was the month and year that memorialized a commitment to a partnership in life and love.
Our logo,“601” captures the significance of this life-changing date and is an homage to new beginnings. 

Our commitment to 601 Cellars is based on the firm belief wine is at its optimum peak when shared with people you love.
We carry that belief through everything we do.

Our Artisan label series is presented through the creative artistry of dear friends who have supported us through our journey.  Each label showcases their beautiful artwork created specifically for each wine or selected from our personal art collection.
Every time we open a bottle we are reminded of their amazing talent and our special friendships. 

The Label Artists

Tim Howe

New Zealand native Tim Howe’s works reflect his contemporary interpretation of landscapes, showcasing his unique ability to incorporate the disciplines of both Abstraction and Impressionism. There are no boundaries in nature, therefore sometimes the lines are blurred…his artistic expressions lie between the two.

By incorporating the dramatic use of color and texturing, Tim captures his subject matter with a unique contemporary flair. With vivid accents and lively vigorous brushstrokes, Howe continues his search for new images of familiar subjects.

Tim Howe’s beautiful paintings were introduced to Laura & Brian through a mutual friend when they saw one of his palate knife works at a party.  After meeting to discuss commissioning a piece and discovering they were practically neighbors, it took about 3 minutes for Laura & Brian to become fast friends with Tim & his wife Patricia.  Over several years and numerous evenings of shared food, wine, and friends,  Laura & Brian ultimately commissioned or acquired five of Tim’s paintings.  One of their favorite series was his whimsical abstract Vines series, which are featured on 601 Cellars Sangiovese series.    The 2016 Sangiovese orange vines reflect the spicy, bright fruit which illuminates the Amador County fruit and the cherry red vines on the Sangiovese Napa Reserve represent the dark, ripe cherry fruit representative of Napa Valley’s rich terroir.   Both of the label artworks are photos of originals from Laura & Brian’s personal art collection.  Tim’s beautiful artwork will also be featured on 601 Cellars 2017 Super Tuscan Reserve- Napa Valley.

To view more of Tim’s work, click here.

Betsy Grady

Betsy has always had a passion for fine art and fine wine. She studied fine art in college, and shortly afterwards opened a fine wine and gourmet store. She got a thorough education in all aspects of the wine industry, which led her to wine consulting for wine shops and restaurants. She traveled extensively visiting classic European vineyards and up and coming Napa and Sonoma vineyards, tasting and even participating in wine making.

Fast forward many years to meeting Laura and Brian in the Washington, DC area. Betsy had resumed her fine art passion, taking classes and open studio at the Torpedo Factory Art Center, the nation’s largest collection of working-artists’ open studios, located in Old Town Alexandria, VA. She began taking commissions for pet and people portraits painted in oil and acrylics – including Laura and Brian’s beloved cat Piper. Then the Old Town Historic Homes Tour commissioned her to paint the Historic homes of Old Town, and another specialty, house portraits, was born.

Her work is known for her talent in blending realism with a unique perspective of space and depth. Betsy is excited to work together with 601 Cellars for their Artist Series #3, combining her two passions – Fine Wine and Art!

Lowell Downey

Lowell Downey breathes and lives the arts. In 1992, Downey co-founded Art & Clarity, a photography/video company. He has worked in theater, film, and as a professional photographer for over forty years. Lowell has built a  respected photography company in Napa, CA, serving the wine and hospitality/event industry, creating corporate branding imagery and professional and family portraits. He is well-known for his distinctive artistry and community service. Downey is the recipient of two Napa Valley Museum commissions, book commissions by AltaMed, and five world photographic assignments to document hot air balloon adventures in India, Chile, Dubai, Bolivia, and Switzerland. His work hangs in private collections and has appeared in numerous publications and exhibitions.

Lowell and Laura met and became friends through Lowell’s photography services at local wineries and through Napa Valley Life Magazine, where Laura serves as Editor. Always a fan of Lowell’s keen eye for capturing subtleties in his photographs, Laura fell in love with his photo of a single rose, which is displayed in magnificent glory on 601 Cellars Napa Valley Rosé wine label.

Downey is passionate about his community, where he has served on several nonprofit boards and been a strong advocate for the arts, social justice, and environmental causes.

To view more of Lowell’s work, click here: www.artclarity.com

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Penelope Moore

Penelope Moore was one of the first artists Laura & Brian met when they moved to Napa Valley. They bought their first of six paintings from her in 2010.  During their time living in Napa, Penelope became a very close friend with whom many bottles of wine have been shared.

Penelope pushes the boundaries of sensory experience by fusing visual art with nuances of wine.   In her series “Palette of the Palate”, she translates the taste and aromas of wine into dynamic large-scale abstract oil paintings.  Each canvas expresses the range of characteristics found in wine through rich color and abstract texture.  Laura & Brian commissioned Penelope to interpret their 2015 Sangiovese Reserve Napa Valley using her “Palette of the Palate” translation process.  The original large-scale painting is hung in Laura & Brian’s Napa home and vividly reproduced on a multi-label series of twelve varied shots of the painting. The first label portrays the breadth of the painting in its entirety and is complemented with eleven close up shots of the bright cherry, plum, and tobacco notes she tasted in the wine.

To view more of Penelope’s work, click here.